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Why us

Why choose Xchool?

Xchool is a great elearning platform that provides an excellent balance between ease of use and powerful features.

Powerful platform

The platform provides a powerful way to access educational material. It allows users to participate in interactive activities and take tests.

Expert teachers

These teachers can provide guidance and support to the user as they learn, helping them to stay motivated and engaged.

50+ Categories

It offers more than 50 categories, so that the user can find the materials he needs to achieve his learning objectives.

100+ courses

Offering more than 100 courses covering a wide range of topics, you can explore different fields and areas of study.

How it works

How do our courses work?



This is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills through educational or training activities.



Once students have successfully completed their online courses, they can graduate from their educational program and receive an official certificate.



After graduating, students can use their newly acquired skills to find work, either through an employer or via freelance contracts.

Our teachers

Courses taught by industry leaders

Lindsay Harper

Lindsay Harper

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

Richard Yang

Richard Yang

Carolyn Miller

Carolyn Miller


What our customers say about Xchool

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Josh G.
“Absolutely wonderful”

Xchool is the best platform I've ever used for tracking my educational progress.

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Alice M.
“Highly recommended”

I've found their features to be extremely useful in keeping track of my classes and grades.

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Mark L.
“This is unbelievable”

I am just starting my first semester of college and Xchool has been a lifesaver.